Moving the Needle: Conversion Strategy

Moving the Needle: Conversion Strategy

August 20, 2019
By Apparatus

Moving the needle closer towards the goals we wish to accomplish online can take some thought.

However, from a business perspective, our goals are hopefully measurable and quantifiable. With websites, we generally call these goals “conversions”. That is, ‘what is it I ultimately want my users to accomplish when they visit my website?’

For some, this is as simple as convincing our user to fill out an online form or purchase a pair of shoes. For others, it can be more complex. Maybe we want them to call our hotline, or schedule a visit/consultation. Whatever our goal is, it’s important that we remember two things when planning our conversion strategy:

  1. Do my online business goals line up with my customer’s goals?
  2. Can I measure my goals and track my conversions?

As we consider how we can move the needle for our businesses through digital marketing, we can’t neglect that fact that our user’s goals are of ultimate importance. That’s why we have a business in the first place, right?

On that note, I’d encourage you to take a moment to analyze your business’ website goals. Do these line up with your customer’s goals most of the time? Can these conversions be tweaked to better suit the needs of my customers? Are there any barriers to entry that could be eliminated for my customers through our digital presence?

Now consider how you track your websites conversions (if you do at all). Are you currently tracking conversion rates and success of your online marketing efforts? There are numerous, free tools available to help us manage, track, and quantify our website’s conversion rates and goals. Google Analytics, for example, has one of the best products on the market for this – and it’s totally free to use! Tools like this do have a learning curve, but any time we can leverage towards strengthening our marketing efforts is time well spent.

The better we can quantify how well or poorly our website is performing, the better we can isolate and fix the pain points for our users. Eliminating these pain points translates to a healthier, better-performing website, and a better served customer.

And that, my friends, is how we move the needle!

Drop us a line today if you could use some help analyzing your website’s conversion strategy. We’d love to help you strengthen your digital marketing efforts and move the needle for your business!

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