Old to New: Migrating your WordPress Site

Great news! The answer is “YES”! This is known as a WordPress migration.

This is one of the great benefits of WordPress is that WordPress sites are easily migrated from one theme to another. This means that if you already have a WordPress site and you want to have a redesign of your site, but still use WordPress as your CMS, you can keep any content, blogs, user accounts, and data that you want from you old site.

But what if I’m changing web servers or hosting accounts?

Still not a problem!

We are very familiar with the process of migrating your WordPress site from one host to another. Normally, we’ll start by migrating your old site over to the new hosting account. Then, once we have your site working properly on the new host, we can start building or integrating your new theme on that hosting account. Your old website will still be live and usable by the public from your old hosting account. Once the new site is complete, we just launch the site at the new host and help you cancel your old hosting account.

Pretty simple, right?