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Web Design & Development

Our good friends at Carpenter & Croft were ready to pursue a new web presence, branding, and overall digital makeover. We worked closely with them and provided everything they needed from start to finish including logo and brand material, professional photography, and a beautiful and functional website for their clients.

What the client had to say...

We hired Apparatus to design a website for our law firm in Waco, Carpenter & Croft, PLLC. They were accommodating and willing to answer all sorts of questions (we had a lot)! It was so convenient to find a design group that was a "one-stop-shop." Not only did they take care of web design, the also did professional photography for our website, designed our logo, helped us with business card design, and gave suggestions for how to use branding effectively. I especially appreciated the modern edge they added to our firm while taking into consideration our preferences and style. They were fast and responsive and we really enjoyed working with them -- highly recommended.

Mary Margaret Croft - Co-Founder

Our Process

For every website we design, we first create immersive, interactive prototypes that allow our clients to see how the finished website will look and function. This process allows us to ensure our client’s needs are fully accounted for - BEFORE we start developing. These prototypes help us answer all development questions up front - reducing rework in the development process. Getting it right the first time means our sites are less expensive to develop and are more aligned with our client’s goals from the start.

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