We are Apparatus

If you haven’t heard yet, Apparatus is a small group of web professionals including designers, developers, marketing specialists, and creatives.

While our name and brand might be new to the industry, our people certainly aren’t. The talent behind Apparatus has been working with web clients for 5 years and has over 12 years of collective experience in the industry.

The story behind Apparatus isn’t a long one. Most of our talent originated through our work together at Hole in the Roof Marketing in Waco, Texas. This great company had grown and achieved success over the years in many aspects of marketing. As demand for web marketing grew within the business, a growth of each entity empowered us to create Apparatus – to focus specifically on the needs of our web clients.

So why the name Apparatus? It’s not complicated, really. An “apparatus” is defined as a technical tool that allows the successful completion of a job or task. The name fits us like a glove. We aren’t the project itself, we are the tool available to our clients that allows them to achieve success. While most people don’t relish the idea of being called a “tool”, we feel it’s totally fine. We want to give our clients – large and small – the opportunity to achieve success on the web. We want to be the instrument that empowers them to meet and exceed their goals. Furthermore, we don’t desire to simply be a one-time “service provider” to our clients, but rather, a long-term business partner that they can take out of their tool belt at a moments notice.