Having been responsible for their website redesign, AxisCare reached out to us to help them create new branding for their upcoming smartphone app. Wanting to eventually transition out of their old branding, they asked for something fresh and approachable, but still true to the home healthcare industry.

We wanted to take the AxisCare name and make a literal interpretation of it. We chose a heart for the main icon because it would be immediately identifiable by caregivers.We chose to employ user-psychology with the user-interface design. When app users are looking at a multitude of icons on their phones, the heart should stand out as a “healthcare” related icon that will help associate that concept with the app itself. 

The heart has been titled on an axis point as a literal interpretation of the AxisCare name. The physical axis/line in the middle is both in the foreground and background of the heart which helps to balance the design and give it some added dimension.

Our main goal was to enable easy recognition of the brand while not over-complicating the message. Our end result was an icon that was simple enough to be used in any medium, whether that be digital or printed.

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