For most cities in the U.S. a master plan is an important document outlining major updates planned to city infrastructure over a period of years. These generally represent millions of dollars in research, development, and implementation. Unfortunately, marketing and community awareness often are overlooked throughout this process for many municipalities – often doing little more than uploading a oversized, ~200MB PDF document to their website.

Recognizing the problem, the City of Waco took the initiative to preempt their 2017 Master Plan with a community-awareness website campaign. This fully-interactive approach allows residents to view interactive maps of all projects and filter projects in their area or areas that might affect them (like their work commute route). Users can subscribe to updates in any zip code to stay on top of new or changing projects. Finally, the site incorporates an interactive pricing calculator, allowing residents to see exactly how much their water and sewage billĀ could change.

All of this was built on the WordPress platform to allow the city to quickly make updates, post new projects, and maintain their site with ease!

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