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Apparatus is a small, dedicated group of designers, developers, and marketing gurus based in Waco, Texas. We help businesses around the world by hand-crafting beautiful, custom digital experiences - designed with the end-user in mind. We specialize in web design, web development, and digital strategy consulting for businesses, both large and small.

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Our services are geared towards helping you achieve success in every aspect of digital marketing and web expression.

Web Design

Web Design includes just about everything except the actual coding of a website (don’t worry, we do that too!) It all starts with planning. We work with you one-on-one to determine the needs of your users and what you need to promote. We’ll take a look at your target market, delve into your business process, and determine a custom-tailored, cost effective solution. We love for our clients to be involved during this process and offer their honest feedback. We won’t move forward until you are satisfied with the design direction.

Digital Consulting

We’ve helped clients across the United States maximize their reach and position on the web through sound marketing, web presence, and brand strategy improvements. We have achieved measureable success with companies ranging from local mom-and-pop shops, to enterprise-level, multi-billion dollar companies. We would love to be an advocate for your business and work with your team to help you meet your online goals.

Digital Marketing

Our understanding of the digital marketplace is vast. We’ve helped countless businesses position themselves more effectively through solid digital marketing strategies. Whether you need help with email marketing, lead generation, online advertising, or even a stand-out icon for your new mobile app – Apparatus has the expertise to take you from good to great!

Responsive Design

All of the websites we build are responsive. We design with responsive on our minds, and we code with responsive at the core. This ensures that your website is a joy to use on any device, no matter the screen size or method of interaction. It also means that your website only exists on one, flexible platform. This means, updates to your site and content only need to be made once, rather than multiple times for multiple “device-specific” sites.

WordPress Development

We love WordPress! The bulk of our client’s sites are built on this service and we specialize in custom theme development, pre-built theme implementation, and custom widget & plug-in design. WordPress is the most trusted content management system available and accounts for over 20% of all sites on the web. Because of its high market share, expert community, and overall quality, we recommend WordPress for the majority of our client projects.



From small startups, to multi-nationals. Here’s hoping you’ll be enamoured with our expansive collection of work.

Lochridge Priest

Client: Lochridge Priest, Inc.

Oldcastle Materials Texas

Client: Oldcastle Materials Southwest Division

Waco City Cable Channel

Client: City of Waco

Noonday Collection

Client: Noonday Collection

Building Waco

Client: City of Waco, Texas

  • Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence... Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

    Calvin Coolidge
  • The original idea of the web was that it should be a collaborative space where you can communicate through sharing information.

    Tim Berners-Lee (Father of the web)


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Moving the Needle: Conversion Strategy

Posted on 25th February 2016

When it comes to web design and development, we always have an end-goal in mind. The website, after all, wasn’t build merely for our own personal enjoyment. It was, by design, a tool to be used by our visitors to help them accomplish a task. When the task they wish to complete is the same as the product or service our business provides; we have a match made in heaven!

Professional Photography for your Website

Posted on 27th January 2016

Consider this: You are searching online to purchase a new home. You find several homes within your budget that each have the qualities you desire.